The Strategic Difference

What makes Strategic Staffing Solutions different than other recruitment services?



Our Passion Is People

The answer is simple – we dedicate ourselves to people.  We recognize that our clients and candidates are important, without you we wouldn’t be in business.  We care about people and always treat them with dignity and respect.  Whether we’re assisting you in building your team or helping you manage your own career, we will always give you objective and honest advice.  We are committed to adding value in the lives and careers of the people we meet and in the success of the organizations we serve.

Stay Local, Get Quality Results

When you work with Strategic Staffing Solutions you’re working with a locally owned and operated full-service recruitment firm supporting the Calgary area.  We are a boutique staffing service specializing in the placement of skilled professionals in the areas of Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Sales and Technical. With over 15 years in the recruiting industry, we have developed exceptional connections and professional relationships throughout the Calgary market. We use our extensive local experience, knowledge and expertise to match top candidates with opportunities at Calgary’s best employers.

Transparency & Full-Disclosure

All too often, seasoned corporate leaders hire their employees solely based on “gut-instinct”.  We believe in leveraging as much balanced and objective resources as possible to ensure that the candidates we bring to you are the perfect fit for your organization.  Making a good hiring decision requires various levels of detailed candidate information and assessments.  Strategic Staffing Solutions will offer you the objectivity necessary to qualify your “gut-instinct”.  We believe in transparency and full-disclosure, we will tell you who is good, who’s not, and why.  You can then navigate through your “gut-instinct” and make perceptive and objective decisions.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our fresh approach to staffing and business practices ensures that our customers receive the highest standard of service and excellence we have to offer.  Our passion and dedication has resulted in long-lasting business relationships, repeat customers, and a superior reputation.  Strategic Staffing Solutions strongly believe that our success hinges on our advanced level of personal attention and responsiveness.  Our clients and candidates return to us again and again for both open and confidential searches.  Whether you are a client with critical staffing needs or a top-notch candidate seeking a new career, we will listen and help you achieve your goals.

Quality People, Quality Results

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Privacy Policy

Strategic Staffing Solutions respects the privacy of clients and individuals using their services in all aspects of their business operations. We are committed to ensuring that the data collected remains secure and that our privacy practices acknowledge client and individual rights in the protection of personal information.  Click Here to read more.