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An organization’s greatest competitive advantage comes from hiring top talent

Client Services


Tailored Approach

We know that finding a quality staffing firm is as often as difficult as finding a quality employee.  When you partner with Strategic Staffing Solutions we believe there’s no “one size fits all” approach – we tailor our solutions to make sure they’re the right fit for your organization.  We never settle for “that’s how it’s always been done.”  Our process is to start fresh with each client.  We listen, strive to understand and anticipate your needs, and provide outstanding service.  In every effort we undertake, we seek to create greater value for both our clients and candidates.

Quality Over Quantity

As organizations are forced to meet their objectives with limited resources, the demand for the highest quality talent is greater than ever. We know your time is valuable; we will never present you resumes to “see what will stick.”  Strategic Staffing’s “quality over quantity” approach to recruitment ensures we meet every candidate face-to-face.  We would prefer to turn away business than waste your time and endorse an unqualified candidate.  Our quality focus is a reflection of our top tier candidates and client satisfaction.

Personalized Service

Providing the highest quality service to our clients is our primary goal.  From the initial screening process to the follow up after hiring, we provide high quality, technically skilled professionals in Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Sales and Technology.  We meet your unique needs for your company, and create a personalized set of parameters that encompass all of your staffing and business requirements, regardless of the size of your organization.  Our sophisticated data comparison tools will ensure the perfect fit for your staffing needs and our follow-up will ensure that you stay happy with your choices.  Strategic Staffing Solutions will always offer you a high level of personal attention and responsiveness.

Quality People, Quality Results




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Privacy Policy

Strategic Staffing Solutions respects the privacy of clients and individuals using their services in all aspects of their business operations. We are committed to ensuring that the data collected remains secure and that our privacy practices acknowledge client and individual rights in the protection of personal information.  Click Here to read more.